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Securing worthwhile investments from seasoned professionals who know the local market and have a true grasp on money management skills is the recipe for high earnings.  In a market that has become saturated as of late, Ephrem has always upheld his promise to treat each person needing to sell their property or land with fairness and with openness. He has built his real estate career on trust and honesty and he implements just that with everyone he meets.

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Locating investments entails a lot of backend work to ensure it is a lucrative venture for all those involved. Ephrem was introduced to the investor/ investment piece of real estate during the 2008 housing crisis. It was during this period, he connected with several active investors. Under their guidance, Ephrem was educated on investment prospects and  quickly learned how the goal of an investor is created – straight from the source of people who operated from a position of financial strength. 


It didn’t take long for Ephrem to hit the ground running and take the education and resources and put it into action. Investors placed their trust in Ephrem allowing him to rotate their funds into and out of investments. He selects the investments based off of his knowledge and research and selects ones that have the optimal return on investment (ROI). ROI is a formula investors use to evaluate the performance of their investment. This is typically used as a baseline for what they will or will not invest in. Purchase types include residential, vacant and manufactured homes. Since Ephrem does have access to off-market properties, this becomes an excellent and a win/ win endeavor for all. 


Working with passive investors, Ephrem has encountered many  different types of circumstances that places owners in a position to sell their residential home and/ or vacant land without listing it on the retail market. Examples include but not limited to: prior tenants have left the home in “bad condition”, a death in the family that creates an urgent need for cash, insurance concerns resulting from fire or flood, divorce, death of the homeowner, etc. 


These conditions will typically demand cash to close the deal quickly. If a speedy cash closing is required, Ephrem can deploy investors from his  private list that are ready, willing and able to disperse cash funds and secure the deal. As an active investor, Ephrem purchases the property and acts as a project manager for the repairs and improvements needed to increase the property’s overall value. During the transaction, he assesses whether or not the property will be a part of the holding portfolio or will be a fix and flip. In maintaining complete transparency, investors are privy to all information via an online portal that can be accessed at anytime. 


If you would like to be a part of Ephrem’s list of investors, please contact him directly here. 


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